The Tree Shed

The Tree Shed was expanded this year to accommodate more people

The Tree Shed is a warm little building where you may go to shop while you wait for your tree to be readied for you.  We have recently expanded the tree shed, adding another 120 square feet

Inside the Tree Shed it's warm and cozy.



Feel free to help yourself to some hot cocoa
and some homemade goodies while
you are in there.



Putting the finishing touches on a basket.

Carol hand-makes all of her own holiday items.  She has freshly made wreaths, baskets, or table centerpieces.


Door Swag

Or you might find a mailbox swag. Or a smaller swag for your door.  You never know what you’re going to find covering the walls and the display tables in the Shed.


You may choose from items which are already made in the shop, or you may make custom requests which will usually be made while you wait.

WreathDoor SwagCrossWreath

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