Welcome to Hill’s Tree Farm

Hill’s Tree Farm is part of a fourth generation general farming operation owned and operated by Harold and Carol Hill.  We started planting trees in the early 1980’s with the encouragement of some college friends who had a Christmas Tree farm in northern Iowa.  Our first trees were all Scotch Pines, and after they were planted and growing, we decided to expand the number of species of trees we were going to grow. 

Over the years, we learned that some species of trees just don’t grow well on our farm.  We now grow four different species of firs, two species of pines, and three of spruce.  We have about 8 acres of trees, which includes about 6,000 trees in various stages of growth.  The pines grow the fastest, making a nice Christmas tree in about 7-8 years.  The firs and spruces take longer, some taking 12 years or more to make a nice tree.  Most of our spruces are grown for transplants for ornamentals or windbreaks.  

Even though there is a lot of work every year pruning and shaping the trees during the summer, mowing, and controlling diseases, we really enjoy having people come to our farm to choose the right tree for their families.  Every tree for sale will have a price tag with the kind of tree stamped on the tag.  We encourage people to cut their own tree with hand saws we provide, but we will cut a tree if asked.  We will be happy to mechanically shake the old needles from each tree and net it for easy transport at no charge.  We also offer tree stands for sale for those who need a new or different stand.

In our warm tree shed, newly enlarged this year, Carol offers hand-decorated wreaths, greenery baskets, mantle pieces, table centerpieces and greenery crosses.  Families may also take time for a cup of hot chocolate and cookies in our tree shed.  We even have a fire going in a fire pit in front of the tree shed for those who want to warm themselves by the fire or maybe roast a marshmallow. 

We hope you can join us during the Christmas season to choose a real tree for your family and home.  Our goal is to provide a family-friendly atmosphere with a personal touch.

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